How to find a book

In the IDS online catalogue there are different ways to search for a book. If you want to search for a specific book, please process the following way:

1. Open the following link in a new window: IDS Basel Bern and choose your language.

2. Choose the option "Advanced Search" or "Expert Mode" in the upper navigation menu.

3. In the pull-down menu "Library" you can choose one the libraries of the IDS network. Select "Dornach Goetheanum" (press keyboard key "d" for quicker selection).

4. You can use several filters, i.e. year, language, country of publication etc. or type a complete search string (keywords from the title, names of person, names of institution, year, general keywords, editor) in the search field.

5. Then click on the button "OK" and the search will start.